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Storage Tips



Make sure your items are packed securely in good quality boxes. 

We would recommend to label every box and mark them if they are heavy. 

If you don't have any boxes or packaging material then you can purchase this directly from us. 


Fragile Items

If you are storing any fragile items, protect them with the correct packaging. For example, packing peanuts, bubble wrap or newspaper. 


Deconstruct Furniture

Make the most of the space in your unit by deconstructing items that are in parts. For example removing table legs before storing. 



We find the best way to store seasonal clothing is to vacuum pack it. 

This not only protects the clothing from dust but again will also make the most out of your storage space. 


Plan Beforehand

When you come to our facility we will give you a tour and show your unit. It makes sense so to have a plan of how you will fit the items in your room. 

Put the bulk items in the room first or make sure items you may need to access regularly are near the door to save you time on a future visit. 



When you are moving your items make sure you keep your back straight and bend at the knees. 

Poor lifting technique can result in injury. 



Make sure you use the most of the height of the unit by safely stacking boxes on top of each other. 


Soft Furnishings

Whilst we aim to keep dust low at our facility it can be a challenge.


We would recommend protecting any soft furnishings with plastic sheeting. 

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