Furniture Storage

Letting a house?

Renovation / House Move

Taking advantage of short term self-storage is perfect for house moves or renovations. 

With moving house it can give you the flexibility on a date and remove the need to empty out your current house and move into the new one all in one day. It gives you time to move at your own pace without the stress!

With home improvements, it gives you the space to work without the risk of damaging your current belongings. Self-storage can make this DIY job faster and safer. 

House Rental / Airbnb

Running your own holiday rental or Airbnb but have furniture that you don't want to see damaged or misused. Or do you need to rent your house unfurnished but have long term plans that will require all of the furnishings. 


We offer storage units on a rolling monthly basis so you are no locked into long obligations like with other storage providers. All of these are clean and dry to ensure your furniture & furnishings stay protected while in storage with us. 

Antiques / Large Item Storage

Do you run a local antiques firm and need a place to store some of your higher value items that sometimes take longer to sell.


Or do you have a large piece of furniture that will just take up too much room in your current home but you don't want to sell it. We offer a range for storage units so we are bound to have the right size for you. 

Feel free to call us on 01453 707700 to discuss your furniture storage requirements.