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Personal Storage

Solutions tailored to your requirements

There are many reasons you may need to use self storage. Here are some of the most common customers quote:

Storage Units For Any Need

  • Storing Gardening Equipment - especially important during the winter months to protect them from the elements. 

  • Moving House / Renovation Storage - remove the clutter from your house while undertaking a large project. Or store belongings that are used less frequently. 

  • Christmas / Seasonal Storage - Run out of room in the garage / loft. Easiest way to clear some room is package up and store the seasonal items. 

  • Garage / Garden Shed - want to use the garage again for a practical use instead of just storage. De-clutter it and get back to using it again.

Finding the Correct Storage Space

No matter what you need to store we are confident we have the storage unit for you. Our sizes range from 25 square foot all the way up to 210! 

If you are struggling to visualise the space you need then we have created a size calculator tool. This will give you a visual guide how your belongings will fit in the unit along with the monthly cost. 

Prices & Offers

We are price competitive with other storage providers in the region and often cheaper than the main providers in the city. We offer all storage units on a rolling monthly contract giving you full freedom and flexibility at all times – you are always in control. 

If you are struggling to visualise the space you need then use our handy size calculator tool. This gives you a visual guide and will show how your belongings will fit in the unit and the monthly cost. 

For more information on personal storage please call one of the team on 0333 577 9600.

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