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Storing Summer Clothes for Winter

With the cold and rainy nights setting it you may find it useful to give your wardrobe a once over. With space being limited it is tempting just to

Get Organised

First of all think about what you actually want to put away for use next year. Its easy just to take everything out of the wardrobe and then into a box. Make use of this time to have a de-clutter, charity shops will be happy to take any items that you no longer need or want.

Once you have de-cluttered its time to get folding. Try be as neat as possible you will thank yourself in 6 months time when you get them out again. Or at least save yourself a job in the future.

Use the Proper Storage

When storing your clothes most people will put everything into boxes or old suitcases. But we would recommend using sealable plastic containers, this will reduce any risk of moisture damaging your clothes.

Get it Clean

To ensure your clothes are kept in the best condition make sure everything has been washed and ironed. It's a simple point but it will make a massive difference.

If you are running out of space at home or looking to de-clutter for the winter then get in touch with the team at Guardian Self Store today! We have a wide range of storage rooms that a clean, dry and all individually alarmed.

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