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Storage Units - Perfect for Christmas

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

During the run up to Christmas you may find that space is limited in the house. Christmas decorations have come out of their long term storage, family are visiting for the holiday period and there are a load of Christmas surprises to keep hidden from the children.

With all this going on it your home it could be the perfect time to consider renting a storage unit at our storage centre.

Keeping the Surprise

This is important for the children and adults alike, you have spent a lot of time and money searching and buying the perfect presents for the loved ones. Last thing you want is them finding it during a game of hide and seek, or your partner doing a quick tidy of the house and finding your present to him/her. Our storage units are perfect to keep these surprises secret, only you will have access to it. This means you get to relax during the holiday season as you know they won't be able to spoil the surprise!

Storing Season Stock

The festive period can be the peak time for some retailers. During this season you may need to keep higher quantities of stock in readiness for the increase in sales. While this is great for revenue it does present a problem on the operation side, where is all the stock going to go? Self storage is the perfect fit for this, we offer all of our storage units on rolling monthly contracts so you can use us over the busy season without being locked into long term obligations. We offer a range of unit sizes from 25 square foot up to 200 meaning you only pay for the space you need.

Clear Room for Family

Have you decided this year to host the in-laws? Or do you have family friends down in the holiday season? If so you may be thinking what to do with all the stuff in the spare room if you have one. Moving all of the clutter out and into self storage can be a great temporary fit.


Although it is sad, criminal activity spikes during the festive period. This is mainly due to the fact criminal know there is going to be additional valuable goods being stored in the house or garage. If you have spent a lot on Christmas this year, it could pay to be extra cautious. Using a storage unit will provide you with peace of mind, all of our units are safe and secure. They are covered by CCTV, alarms and physical security.

Decoration Storage

When the festivities are over you may start to think about re-packing all of your Christmas decorations ready to be stored. But this year instead of using a cupboard, attic or garage consider using self storage. All of the units are clean and dry and more importantly it will free up space in your house! Storage units are the perfect place for this type of long term storage.

Why Choose Us?

At Guardian Self Store we offer a range of clean, dry and secure storage units. All of these are individually alarmed and accessible only by you.

If you are unsure what size you need then check out our size guide:

If you are interested to know more then please call one of the team here at Guardian Self Store on 01453 707700 or email -

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