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Stock Room

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

Preparing for the busy period? Wholesale deal that just can't be missed? There are many reasons your business may keep additional stock throughout the year, using self storage can help ease the load on your current warehouse.


We offer a range of insurance to cover all needs at highly competitive prices. This will ensure your stock is financially protected.

Various Sizes

We have a range of units from 25 square foot to 200 square foot. Our facility has everything from platform trolleys to pallet trucks to help you move items in and out. We do also have a forklift onsite if you have items loaded onto a van / lorry. This can only be operated by one of our team so if you would like this service just call 01453 707700 and we can arrange.

Pallet Storage

Interested in storing with us but don't need the individual storage unit? We also offer pallet storage in a connecting warehouse. This is alarmed, dry and secure.

Monthly Commitment

We only have a monthly commitment on our storage units so you are not tied in long term. This is very useful if you are only heavily stocked on seasonal periods.

24/7 Access

Our aim is not to limit you when you store with us. Our facility has 24/7 access so storing with us will not be an operational headache.

If you would like more information then please call us on 01453 707700.

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