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Spring Cleaning

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

While spring doesn't officially start this year until the 20th of this month we feel that March is always the time that people start to do a spring clean and sort out some of the things that haven't been touched throughout the winter months.

Here is our fail safe plan to help you with your spring cleaning:

1 - De-Clutter First

Have a look around each room and figure out what needs to be thrown away, put in storage, re-used, given to a charity shop etc. Doing this will make the actual job of spring cleaning easier and free up space to make the process more efficient.

Spring cleaning

2 - One Room at a Time

Before you get stuck in figure out a plan of action. Take it a room at a time or the whole task will be too big. Breaking up the rooms will make the task easier.

3 - Work Methodically

Start from top down, this will ensure that you don't have to go over your work as dust / debris falls down during the cleaing process.

If you have dust sheets use them on furniture to protect them and reduce your workload.

4 - Safety

If you are going to be doing extensive periods of cleaning try and avoid using products that expose you do chemicals and toxins. There are alternatives that are less harmful to you and the environment, for example a steam cleaner. These are available in most supermarkets / online and can clean a range of things in the house from tiles, fabrics, glass etc.

5 - Keep it Clean

Now that you have a clean house don't spend the next few weeks undoing the good work you have done. Try to make this a habit, little and often is much easier than the big clean.

Why Choose Us? At Guardian Self Store we offer a range of clean, dry and secure storage units. All of these are individually alarmed and accessible only by you. We have 24/7 access as standard so we won't stop you working.

If you are unsure what size you need then check out our size guide:

If you are interested to know more about how our self storage options can help you with your spring cleaning then please call one of the team here at Guardian Self Store on 01453 707700 or email -

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