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Social Distancing Storage

Preparing your workplace for social distancing

Change in Business Operating Models

During the current COVID-19 lockdown it has become apparent that when we return to work it will be in a different environment to the one we all operated in before. Businesses are going to have to diversify and be creative to continue to attract and serve customers. At the time of writing this, the government have not as yet released detailed plans for the loosening of lockdown restrictions. One aspect that has been confirmed is that social distancing will have to continue, until a time comes that the virus can be effectively managed.

Implementing this social distancing in our work / commercial environment is going to be challenging. Especially if space is already at a premium where you currently operate out of. Using self-storage can give you the space required to serve customers while complying with government restrictions. We offer a range of storage units on rolling monthly contracts. This means you will only pay for the space you need, while you need it.

We have seen a trend of this social distancing in Europe where they are ahead of us in terms of easing the lockdown. This will not be limited to the social entertainment sector; commercial traders are going to have to operate under these guidelines as well. While you may not have customers visiting your premises, you will need to ensure the safety of your staff.

Here are some of the sectors that will have to make changes:

Pubs / Bars / Restaurants

· Removing number of tables / chairs to comply with 2-meter distancing.

Entertainment & Leisure Industry

· Creating space in communal areas such as reception / social rooms.

Commercial Offices / Factory

· Editing offices to create space, this could include the removal of desks / chairs.

· Communal areas such as boardrooms and meeting rooms. This could be long term while the use of video conferencing increases.

· Factory floors are normally condensed to maximise efficiency. Excess stock, machinery and tooling equipment may need to be temporary moved.

Where Self Storage can help?

Creating this space is going to be challenging if you do not have storage capacity where you currently operate from. This could be the perfect opportunity to consider self-storage. Our units can provide storage for these items without taking up space at your main business premises.

Collection Service

We understand that implanting this social distancing will require some logistical planning at a time where you are more than likely limited on staff numbers. At Guardian Self Store we can arrange the collection of your items; we will carefully transport them and then store them securely in your chosen storage unit.

Why Choose Us?

At Guardian Self Store we offer a range of clean, dry and secure storage units. All of these are individually alarmed and accessible only by you.

If you are unsure what size you need then check out our size guide:

If you are interested to know more then please call one of the team here at Guardian Self Store on 01453 707700 or email -

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