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Self Storage for Professional Caterers

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

If you are running a professional catering company for the events or wedding market then you will know there is always a logistical/operational challenge in storing your equipment and getting it where its needs to be on time.

self storage for professional caterers

Seasonal Events / Weddings

Often with this equipment it is bulky and needs to be stored securely due to the financial investment that you have put into it. Gas ovens, grills, fryer etc all take up a lot of your space which may be limited in where you currently operate out of.

On top of the cooking equipment you may also need to store other items in bulk such as chairs, tables, table cloths, linen and various decorations. This may not be needed for every job you go on and needs to be kept in pristine condition ready for its next event.

Self-storage for professional caterers facilities are increasingly popular with professionals, from fashion designers and bookstore owners to e-commerce business owners, who distribute their goods directly from affordable storage units to their customers.

Why Choose Us?

At Guardian Self Store we offer a range of clean, dry and secure storage units. All of these are individually alarmed and accessible only by you. We have 24/7 access so you won't be operationally restricted if you have an event you need to set up for early. Or if the wedding you are working on finishes late and you need to put everything back into storage.

If you are unsure what size you need then check out our size guide:

If you are interested to know more about self storage for professional caterers then please call one of the team here at Guardian Self Store on 01453 707700 or email -

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