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Self Storage - Airbnb

If you have decided to start using your home or spare space as airbnb then you may be starting to look at your belongings deciding what you want to leave for your guest and what you want to store to protect from misuse or damages. While you want your guest to have a comfortable space you don't want them to damage belongings of yours that may be of value, either financially or emotionally.

Using self storage is the perfect option to store these items while your house or space is rented. It is flexible, secure and cost effective.

At Guardian Self Store we offer a range of unit sizes from 25 square foot all the way up to 210 so no matter what you have to store we will have a storage unit for you.

All of our storage units are on rolling monthly contracts so your aren't locked into long contractual agreements. This is especially important if you only run your airbnb seasonally.

We offer a range of insurance options to ensure your belongings are financially protected while in our storage centre.

If you are interested to know more then please call one of the team here at Guardian Self Store on 01453 707700 or email -

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