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Downsizing your Home

There are many reasons that in your lifetime you will need to move / downsize from your current home.


You may find that renovating your current home to suit your requirements in your retirement years is costly. The step that some people tend to take is moving to smaller houses / retirement villages or bungalows.

Kids Left Home

So you had the big family house but now the kids have moved out or gone to university. While its nice to have a guest room you don't need 2 or 3 of them. Downsizing to a smaller home can free up some of the finances due to mortgage costs.


Found a dream home in a beautiful location? Only thing is that due to the location you can't move to the same size house you are in now. This situation can happen a lot as we are based in Gloucestershire prices in rural Cotswold towns can be high. For some people this is not a downside as the positives of the location outweighs the size of the house.

When you downsize in the build up to the move there is always a couple of weeks where you go through the contents or cupboards, the garage, the loft space and sort through the possessions you have build up over the time in your house. At this point you will have the hard choices to make between what you would like to keep and what you just don't physically have room for.

Some of these items you may have fond memories towards or you know you will certainly need them in the future at some point just not right now. In which case it would seem wasteful to throw away or sell. This is where our self storage centre can be of service. We can provide a range of different size storage units that all are clean, dry and secure. We offer 24/7 access with CCTV and individually alarmed units.

This will give you the space to store the items you actually want to keep.

If you are interested to know more then please call one of the team here at Guardian Self Store on 01453 707700 or email -

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