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Combat Rural Crime

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Gloucestershire, due to the makeup of the county has always had problems with rural crime. Rural crime can be agricultural, equine, wildlife or heritage sites. All of which are prominent industries in our county.


The NFU have stated in their rural crime report that oil, machinery, quad bikes and ATV's are the most commonly targeted items by thieves.

Gloucestershire in recent times has seen a drop in rural crime but in neighboring counties there has been a spike in as much as a 41%. With criminals regularly scouting new areas and potential targets, people in the community are being told to be as vigilant as can be and make the any changes they can to protect their possessions.

What you can do?

Physical Protection

This can be locks, gates or even some of the new drastic measures being undertaken by farmers such as installing mounds of earth around their properties to restrict access to the criminals at the first instance.

GPS Tracking

You can install trackers into your machinery, quads, ATV's and tractors. Although this is recommended criminals are getting more sophisticated and can remove these prior to the item being stolen.


This is an option for some farmers. Due to the layout and vast size that some farms are spread across the cost of this option sometimes will be nonviable.

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