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5 Tips for a Success Self Store Experience

1. What do you need to store

It does seem quite obvious, but you don't want to find yourself doing unnecessary trips to facility and back. Also it is quite tempting when you get your unit to fill it instantly. Just have a think about what you will actually need to store as you don't want to fill it up with items that don't need specialised storage.

2. Create an inventory

This is one when regularly recommend for a number of reasons. One is that is just simple organisation and when you may be renting a unit for multiples of months it will help you keep track of what you have where.

Two is that in a worst case scenario this will prove as valuable insurance information should you ever need to claim for an item.

3. Label your boxes

This may seem like it is extra job when you are already busy, but it is a time saver in the long run. Over time you may forget what is in each box making find things much harder than it needs to be.

A simple label or even a marker pen will be a time saver.

4. Disassemble furniture

This is very important as it can save space which in turn saves you money. Also it will make transporting the items to our self storage facility easier.

If you don't want to do this then make sure you at least fill the space in and around that item. For example, storing book shelf, well fill all the shelves. This will ensure you make the most of the square footage you have available.

5. How to pack the unit

Make sure you make the most of the space available and thing about what you may need to access more regularly. There is nothing worse than having to dig through a whole storage unit to find the box you want buried in the corner.

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